The season of invitations and thank you notes..

These are two invitations and one thank you note that I have recently done. The first was an invite for a 2nd baby shower for my cousin, and the other for a good friend. The thank you notes were for the friend as well. I remembered being in the hospital with Captain A and people would bring me stuff – and I didn’t have thank you notes and wanted something cute – so when I found out what she had (she didn’t find out before) I rushed to get these done to take to her in the hospital. I think she really liked them. It was really fun to do!

I love designing for my friends and family – as well as the few clients I have done special things for as well. I would like to do more, I love when people see their invite or thank you note for the first time and love them as much I loved doing them.. it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. It’s the little things I guess.











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Tomorrow: products I love!



this is me.

so, i like tv. it’s a passion (one of many) – albeit a lazy one. my dvr is consistently around 72% full. i don’t really like reality tv, but am a super sitcom nerd. favorite shows are friends (yes, still) and how i met your mother. i love them. i want to be able to instantaneously high five hubs like marshall and lily do.. that would rock.

i also really like show tunes. im 32 and love glee.. hubs makes so much fun of me for my tv viewing choices.. mainly because i don’t want to watch espn or royals baseball 24/7. but i am a good sport about the baseball watching… im even excited about my new royals shirt that i got from this cool store. buy me a shirt, and i will probably love whatever it is your obsessed with. im easy that way. i like to shop.

im excited that neil patrick harris is hosting the tony awards again – mainly because last time he did it – katie freakin’ horner, the annoying weather lady from channel doesn’t matter, kept breaking in and telling me about a tornado very far away from not only me, but the viewing area.. real cool. i remember her saying something super inappropriate about people in mobile homes – and warning them to run and take cover or something… anyway. i love doogie – and am excited he’s back hosting.

i have a son, and also the previously mentioned hubs. they are my world. everything i do, is for them. i will speak of them often.

i have a real job. i am a graphic artist/marketing coordinator, i like my coworkers and my boss lady. so it’s good. i don’t think i want to be a stay at home mom, but understand what people are talking about when they say it’s not worth it to work after the second kid.. daycare is a freakin’ racket! well, not really  — they are taking care of my kid and everything, but still it’s expensive. currently, i really want a minivan. they totally rock and have so much room!

i overuse some punctuation, and under use some. you might get used to it.