A few of my favorite things … I wish Julie Andrews could sing it for me!

So I really like to share things that I love with people. I always have a “current things I am into” list running through my head – so I am going to share it with you. I will post as many links and photos as possible – so beware – this could be a long post.
1. Michael Kors – lip gloss and perfume duo (officially named – Michael Kors Rollerball)
2. All (most) things Aveda – the Scalp Benefits is magical and cleans my hair and scalp like no other product EVER, and keeps my highlights pretty and shiny without dulling like so many other less awesome clarifying shampoos.
3. Tina Fey’s book Bossypants. If you have not read, listened or kindled this book – you are missing out. She is fantastic and hilarious. I love her comedy and style so much – I think if we ever met – we’d be insta-friends.. I’m just sayin’ — Oh and a side note. The book on cd is in her voice – and it’s fantastical.

4. A new-ish Kansas City Restaurant : The Rieger Hotel Grill and Exchange – I have been raving about this restaurant for weeks! I’ve been twice for lunch. The first time I was with a friend who is friends with the owner/chef. We waved hello, we ordered the lightest fluffiest fish and chips I have EVER had. I still dream about the lemon aioli. The “chips” were perfectly cooked little potatoes that were amazing. We shared a chocolate desert as well that was equally as good – but I am having a hard time remembering what it was – the fish was amazing. When the bill came out, the waitress brought us tiny chocolate rum balls sent out by the chef. These were awesomely fresh, and wonderful.

The second time I went back – I went with 2 girlfriends that had never been. I tried the hamburger. It was great – in a town with many great hamburgers (BRGR, BLANC, Beer Kitchen, Westport Flea Market.. etc..) this burger stood up to the other fancy pants burgers around. The thing I really enjoyed was the atmosphere that day. The bustling sounds of a restaurant. The original (or at least original looking tiles on floors, and the history of the building. They say that Al Capon used to stay at the Rieger Hotel when he was passing through Kansas City. The rich history of all things mob related really intrigues me about my lovely hometown.

So that’s a list of 4 things that I love right now. I will keep this category streaming and will ad in product reviews and restaurant reviews from time to time.

I need a good sign off.. like

Stay Classy Kansas City.. or maybe not that..


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