29.. (because apparently i can’t come up with 50)… things about me.

  1. My full first name is Mindy, not Melinda
  2. It kind of annoys me when people ask me if my first name is Melinda, I’m not sure why.. but it does.
  3. I love show tunes – Wicked, Spamalot and Cabaret are my current obsessions. Current means.. for the past 3 or more years… apparently.
  4. I like to write/type [… ] this generally means there is a pause in how I speak … but not necessarily a comma (although sometimes it’s in lew of a comma)
  5. My husband is my bestest friend in the whole wide world. We love, we fight, we laugh – it’s good. Oh and he’s the best dad – it’s so fun to watch.. and he makes me laugh.
  6. I need to learn to focus on the positive more. I lecture hubs about doing this all the time.
  7. I love to decorate – but have no idea where to start – get tired and have empty walls. I am lazy
  8. I desire to make pretty things and get paid for it. I desire to make happy things and feel fulfilled in my career.
  9. I am a foodie. I love to eat, I love to cook and I LOVE COOKBOOKS
  10. I wish someone would hire me to design cookbooks. (Ideally from home)
  11.  I think I’m funny
  12. I have always wanted someone to call me a half pint. This will never happen. I am not half nor a pint
  13. I have favorite bad words. I say them often. I have been working on getting better at this. F.
  14. I miss Charlie, my beloved black lab, every day.
  15. I get excited for fall. I love back to school shopping – all I want to do right now is go buy new pens, sharpees, and a few new outfits … and have my mom pay for them.
  16. There is a purse that I want, and since finding it, I have thought about every day. It’s $268 and made by Dooney and Burke. The most expensive purse I have ever owned was $32.50.
  17. Learning to be content in the now is not easy for me.. I have not learned how to do that.
  18. Favorite bands include: Barenaked Ladies, Train, Counting Crows, Maroon 5
  19. My perfect (non-fall) Saturday includes breakfast (simple and easy), good coffee, farmer’s market, nap, play time (in water?) with Alex, drinks, grilling and dessert with hubs, bird and stew.
  20.  My favorite Fall Saturday includes breakfast, good coffee, Columbia, Les bourgeois, tropical liq, football game (past me would scoff at this for sure!), dinner and home in bed
  21.  I love mail
  22.  I am unorganized – but wish I wasn’t – but not sure how to fix it.
  23. One day, I would like to own a little shop – I would sell some personalized stationary, invitations, some home décor, a book or two – and probably have a little coffee nook. This has been my dream for as long as I can remember. Sometimes it was just a book store, just a stationary store or just a coffee shop – but all together is the ultimate.
  24. I am obsessed with magazines
  25. I like to day dream
  26. Captain A has been my most fun adventure. He’s the best, most fun, hilarious 18 month old on the planet
  27. I do not particularly care for the furry things that live with us.. and I am a huge pet lover. These 2 dogs do nothing for me though – it’s sad
  28. I love to eat out. I have been craving sushi and bogey’s for a week now.
  29. I need a better camera


This morning I have been thinking a lot about my good friend Taco. I have called her that (although not exclusively – she has many nicknames) since high school, and I don’t think she’s every really loved it. But it makes me smile – it takes me back to a time before kids and husbands, before real responsibility, to that time when we were all figuring out who we were and where we were going – although – it was usually in Taco’s car listening to John Cougar Mellancamp or Bob Marley..

Taco is one of the smartest and most beautiful (inside and out) people in my life. She’s amazing, seriously! She sews, and gardens; she’s an amazing mother – and a brilliant accountant. She’s successful in most everything she touches, and is one of the nicest and sweetest people I know. She has 2 beautiful daughters and a wonderful hubby.  (not to mention – she can pull off just about any look! She’s a little fashionista!! Although she’d never admit that!)

We had a nice talk last night. She trying to figure out if they are ready to make an awesome move, and is scared and excited all at the same time. It makes me feel good that she comes to me and wants my take on things – although ultimately I know she will do what she will do, I feel privileged to be someone she confides in and such apart of her life. If January comes and new adventures start – I hope to look back on the next 5 months and see lots of Friday coffee dates and wine Mondays (or Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and/or Sundays). I think that if a new adventure is started – January seems like the most perfect time!

All to often we let friendships pass with time, drifting apart when lives get busy. The true friends, the ones you hold in and trust with your heart – those people will never drift and never fade no matter with time or distance.

I feel truly blessed to have a few people in my life that I hold so close. I love wholly and completely, which means – I sometimes hurt wholly and completely. That’s life. – and I understand and accept that. I hope Captain A loves like that. Holds people and experiences close and feels a sense of pride that others hold him that way.


I updated my resume and samples blog!

Hooray – it’s finally happened, I have been threatening that I was going to get samples of my work on-line – but hadn’t done it yet. So if you would like to peruse you may do so at mcresume.wordpress.com.
All work is custom – I work very closely with my clients in order to come up with distinct designs just for them!

New OBsession!

Meet Pinterest!

It’s this magical little world where, while surfing the net, you can pin pretty pictures or recipes, or things you want on your body or in your belly into idea boards. It’s great. I have 9 boards (mindyclarke – FIND ME) – most things are pinned into boards very organized and methodical (hubs would not believe this) – and for the first time I went back and referenced 2 recipes this last weekend – and for some reason it made Pinterest that much better for me.. it gave it purpose.

Captain A’s 2nd birthday is in 6 months – so I will probably start a board to pull ideas together for that, so around the first of January I will be prepared. I also thought I should put together a my favorite things and a what I want for Christmas board – then I can direct the hubs to the board and it takes some guessing out of present(s) buying.

I follow about 15 people, some celebs (Demi Moore), some blogging celebs (Sherry from Young House Love), and friends alike. It’s interesting to see what people pin – the people in my life are such inspirations, and this is one more thing that proves that every day.

My favorites are signs. Typography is a passion – and there is nothing better than finding signs that are witty with good typography – it makes me feel all bubbly inside. My favorite today was one with Neil Patrick Harris (of course) on it – it says, “When I am sad, I stop being sad and start being AWESOME. true story.” In true form.. this made me laugh hysterically! I love How I Met Your Mother.

I still need a sign off.

Mommy Conflict

Sometimes when I start to think about having a second child.. I enter into this inter-turmoil of conflicting thoughts. Should I become a stay at home mom, it would save so much money on daycare – but is that too much pressure on hubs to be the “bread” winner. Do I even want to STAY AT HOME? Could I freelance as a designer/writer from the comfort of my home, make money and be the primary caregiver for my children (rather then a daycare woman)? How would I “find” clients? I would need more then my 10 a year – that I do right now. But what about that corner office Marketing job that I have always dreamed of having, should I not be dreaming of that anymore? Shouldn’t I be dreaming about staying home and having all this time with the littles in my life – and loving every second of it?What if I didn’t love every second of it? Would that make me a horrible mom?

There are message board after message board on the subject. There are millions of blogs with women having these same struggles, so why is this so hard. Leslie Morgan Steiner wrote a book called Mommy Wars that debates this very subject – it’s a nice read and shares the opinions of 26 different people. But still it’s just a debate. It didn’t really help me with any sort of decision. A decision I would like to make prior to the appearance of that second line (plus mark or PREGNANT statement on the stick!).

Also, it took us 2.5 years to get pregnant with Captain A. Therefore, do we hold off trying until we make said decisions.. all the questions, and all the worries. I get so frustrated and just want to sit and cry. I enjoy the people I work with so much – and with a husband who travels, I need that adult interaction. But if I stayed home with 2, I could join a club or group – go to the gym with the littles in tow.. have play dates with my other stay at homes – and then I would have adult interaction, right? Would it be enough?