New OBsession!

Meet Pinterest!

It’s this magical little world where, while surfing the net, you can pin pretty pictures or recipes, or things you want on your body or in your belly into idea boards. It’s great. I have 9 boards (mindyclarke – FIND ME) – most things are pinned into boards very organized and methodical (hubs would not believe this) – and for the first time I went back and referenced 2 recipes this last weekend – and for some reason it made Pinterest that much better for me.. it gave it purpose.

Captain A’s 2nd birthday is in 6 months – so I will probably start a board to pull ideas together for that, so around the first of January I will be prepared. I also thought I should put together a my favorite things and a what I want for Christmas board – then I can direct the hubs to the board and it takes some guessing out of present(s) buying.

I follow about 15 people, some celebs (Demi Moore), some blogging celebs (Sherry from Young House Love), and friends alike. It’s interesting to see what people pin – the people in my life are such inspirations, and this is one more thing that proves that every day.

My favorites are signs. Typography is a passion – and there is nothing better than finding signs that are witty with good typography – it makes me feel all bubbly inside. My favorite today was one with Neil Patrick Harris (of course) on it – it says, “When I am sad, I stop being sad and start being AWESOME. true story.” In true form.. this made me laugh hysterically! I love How I Met Your Mother.

I still need a sign off.


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