This morning I have been thinking a lot about my good friend Taco. I have called her that (although not exclusively – she has many nicknames) since high school, and I don’t think she’s every really loved it. But it makes me smile – it takes me back to a time before kids and husbands, before real responsibility, to that time when we were all figuring out who we were and where we were going – although – it was usually in Taco’s car listening to John Cougar Mellancamp or Bob Marley..

Taco is one of the smartest and most beautiful (inside and out) people in my life. She’s amazing, seriously! She sews, and gardens; she’s an amazing mother – and a brilliant accountant. She’s successful in most everything she touches, and is one of the nicest and sweetest people I know. She has 2 beautiful daughters and a wonderful hubby.  (not to mention – she can pull off just about any look! She’s a little fashionista!! Although she’d never admit that!)

We had a nice talk last night. She trying to figure out if they are ready to make an awesome move, and is scared and excited all at the same time. It makes me feel good that she comes to me and wants my take on things – although ultimately I know she will do what she will do, I feel privileged to be someone she confides in and such apart of her life. If January comes and new adventures start – I hope to look back on the next 5 months and see lots of Friday coffee dates and wine Mondays (or Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and/or Sundays). I think that if a new adventure is started – January seems like the most perfect time!

All to often we let friendships pass with time, drifting apart when lives get busy. The true friends, the ones you hold in and trust with your heart – those people will never drift and never fade no matter with time or distance.

I feel truly blessed to have a few people in my life that I hold so close. I love wholly and completely, which means – I sometimes hurt wholly and completely. That’s life. – and I understand and accept that. I hope Captain A loves like that. Holds people and experiences close and feels a sense of pride that others hold him that way.



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