The year is over half way through! I can’t believe it.

Fall is always a very busy time for us.

We have season tickets to Mizzou football games, and try to attend as many as possible. The Hubs loves his Missouri Tigers, and I have grown very fond of Columbia (I mean it’s no Manhattan, KS – but the more I go, the more I love it just the same).  There are definite places that I like to go before and after games; Les Bourgeois,  Tropical Liquor, Booches (I want a t-shirt from there…). Football has not always been my thing.. but I enjoy it more today then I did, and the more I learn about it the more I enjoy watching it. I like listening to Mike Kelly do the play-by-plays.. he’s very good – and I love his voice!

There is just something amazingly charming about small college towns. There’s a true sense of community and everyone pretty much routes for the HOME team.. and college game days are the most fun! Restaurants are packed, the good ones anyway, everyone is happy and having fun. The name of the game is FUN on college football Saturdays. Hubs is always in such a wonderful mood! Needless to say, I look forward to football Saturdays. Hope the Captain loves them as much as we do – he kind of has no choice in the matter of attending, so hopefully he loves them!

So anyway, I have started a list of some things I would like to do to improve myself, my day-to-day life, and my home, in hopes of feeling more organized and energized (plus, saving money along the way would be the best feeling of all!) by the end of the year.

  • Bring my lunch to work and walk with the girls (stop eating out all the time!)
  • Sign up for a walk-a-thon of some sort
  • Use the entertainment coupon book, groupons and muncharoos
  • Sort out the details for Birds sprinkle (a baby shower – but small.. it’s for her 2nd child)
  • Be a smarter shopper – when shopping online – shop through shop at home or ebates, use coupons!
  • Purchase a few outfits for work that are, “for the position I want, not have” type outfits
  • Lose weight (I mean seriously – it’s ridiculous!)
  • Decorate:
    entry from garage
    dining room
  • Hang photos and paintings in:
    Master bedroom/bath
    The Captain’s room
    Hall Bathroom
  • Dinner schedule (and stick to them for Pete’s sake!)
  • Start Christmas shopping/crafting by October 1

These all seem doable in the remaining 17 or so weeks left in this crazy year! Wait, 17 weeks! Holy cow!
It’s almost labor day – pack those white pants away and be safe on this “last weekend of summer!”



My brain is going 1 million miles an hour….

So I am having one of those days, where my brain is racing faster then I can actually get it all accomplished. I blame the Captain, he woke up at 4:30 – and wanted to party.. hubs and I were both up pretty quickly after that! This was him on the way to daycare.. wish it was me..

But today’s post is going to focus (hopefully) on home improvements..

So hubs and I purchased a lovely house in October of 2010. I love my house, really I love it. It’s way too big for us and the Captain for now.. but I love it all the same. However, the longer I live in said lovely abode – the more I start to realize that there are rooms I really want to make over. Not rebuild or tear apart – just paint and add new lights maybe an accessory or two. The problem is that we did SO much to our old house to get it ready to sell, that I am having a hard time talking hubs into it. Plus, it costs money and time. For some reason the dining room has become my least favorite room in the house (I really wish I had a photo, but I don’t – maybe I will try and get one tonight…). So here is the list of things I would like to do:

  • Take the chair rail down
  • Make the doorway between the dining room and kitchen smooth. Currently, it still looks like a door should be hanging there
  • Fill in holes, sand, painting
  • New light
  • Artwork
  • New Curtain

Here is my inspiration for this room:

Obviously, there are things in all these rooms that I don’t want, or can’t have (brick wall) but a combination of these images would make me happy. Our kitchen is a mustard yellow with brown glaze finish (sounds kind of ugg.. but it’s not – it’s lovely.).. similar to this – but with textured plaster walls:

So I need to come up with a color for the dining room – I’m leaning towards a tealish blue color. The lights from image 2 – white washing the current table we have, and using dark velvety curtains (target has great ones).. maybe a dark purple or even black. I am in love with these types of signs – I found this on Etsy – and you can customize them. I saw a similar on in a local restaurant with Kansas City streets, and that’s what I want.
I would hang this on one of the east walls – and will either have my good friend paint me a painting or I will attempt to do the same for the North wall. So this finishes out the dining room.
The other rooms I would like to work on are the finishing touches to our bedroom, and the small kitchen off the bath. I am currently pulling ideas and pinning things to my Pinterest – I will post inspiration boards as soon as I have them. Hopefully we can talk the hubs into a couple small projects.

What projects are you working on?

Toddlerville and other stuff

We've entered Toddlerville (cue horror film music)

Cue horror film (or Jaws) music..
Captain A is growing up so quick. It’s crazy to think that he’s almost 2. Toddlerville so far has been the hardest stage- I know, I know, wait until he’s 16.. but seriously. He is in and out of EVERYTHING. He loves to try and take nose dives off the couch because he is not afraid of ANYTHING. He smacks me like he’s a soap opera diva on a pretty regular basis and says NO and MINE thousands of times a day. He used to get so happy to see me at the end of the day when I pick him up from daycare, but that stopped last week. He sees me, smiles and then runs away and says no. I think he wants me to leave him there (tear).

This time of his life is terrifying for me, it’s so hard to communicate with him, and he gets so frustrated because he can’t communicate. He stomps his little feet and fists and screams. Man there are days that I wish I could get away with that – I think it would make me feel so much better. He won’t eat dinner, all of the sudden, and loves loves loves to throw his food. By the time I put him to bed, I am so worn out (and hungry) that I just want to go to bed… but as any working parent knows – that is not possible. There is laundry to be done, dishes to be done, dogs to pay attention to, floors to swiffer.. so much to do.

But then, there’s the times when I hand him his milk, and he says, tinktao.. that means thank you.. and it makes me smile, because I taught him that. Or today, when I left him at daycare – he ran over and kissed me good bye – that warmed my heart a bit. He got up, made a kissy face and ran from the back wall to where I was with his little lips puckered.. seriously the cutest. I have to remember these times, the times when he is sweet and cute, when he dances to P!nk or Lady Gaga or anything that sounds like rap music – cutest.. these are the times I should dwell on, not the tantrums and the tears – but man, it’s so hard.

Daycare lady told me his favorite book was Brown Bear by Eric Carle, and considering how I am so sick of all of the books at our house  – I think I will invest in some Eric Carle books. He loves to read. If you have kiddos, and have an ipad – they have turned “The Monster at the End of this Book” into an interactive book, it really this the cutest thing to watch them get so excited about the talking Grover.

Here are some typical Captain A photos. Notice the first one is him coming out of the pantry!


In other fun news, I get to work at a the Kyle Barker Memorial golf tournament this weekend. Hubs the great is playing in it – and I am working the mulligan table with a good friend. I am super excited. The Captain will be with a babysitter and then with his Nonnie, whom he loves to dance with,

it should be a fun day with a bunch of our friends – one that I have really been looking forward to.

At lunch the other day, I received this fortune.. let’s hope this is true!

stills needs a sign off…