An update to “The List” and some other random thoughts —

So a few weeks ago I made a list of things that I REALLY wanted to get done before the end of the year.. So I have decided that I need to revisit and update the list – so to hold myself more accountable. The list is below – and my progress would be a F if I was in school (thank goodness I am not!) … :

  • Bring my lunch to work and walk with the girls (stop eating out all the time!) – bringing my lunch is going a lot better then walking….
  • Sign up for a walk-a-thon of some sort – I have not done this yet.. but am still looking into it.
  • Use the entertainment coupon book, groupons and muncharoos – am doing very good at this – and am actually running out of groupons and muncharoos.
  • Sort out the details for Birds sprinkle (a baby shower – but small.. it’s for her 2nd child) – for another girl! Very excited about this – now just have to get it planned!
  • Be a smarter shopper – when shopping online – shop through shop at home or ebates, use coupons! – have yet to do this..
  • Purchase a few outfits for work that are, “for the position I want, not have” type outfits.. nope
  • Lose weight (I mean seriously – it’s ridiculous!) – 😦
  • Decorate: – nope
    entry from garage
    dining room
  • Hang photos and paintings in: some.. hung pics in the Captains bath and his room..
    Master bedroom/bath
    The Captain’s room
    Hall Bathroom
  • Dinner schedule (and stick to them for Pete’s sake!) – doing fairly well at this
  • Start Christmas shopping/crafting by October 1 – might still be able to get this done…

So I can’t mark anything off my list – but I am doing better at some of the items.. and that’s key – right? Pinterest helps me. I have some outfit ideas in my Things I want to wear folder, for home decor ideas I have For the Home and the Littles folders – and for Christmas shopping I have the Present Ideas folder – course most of the present ideas are ideas for me.. but the folder will continue to grow.


What I forgot to tell you, what I am listening to, and a few reviews..

Get a coffee, soda or herbal – this might take a minute!

So as one of my friends pointed out – I have listed 39 shows on my current dvr list.. that is A LOT of TV… but what is almost unbelievable is that, I have missed a couple. I am almost ashamed!! But not completely bc I am posting it out on the interweb for all to see. Glee and General Hospital are forever recorded.. and I love both of them – and can’t believe I didn’t tell you about them.

So I love Glee. Glee makes me happy – even when it makes me cry. Yep it has been known to make me cry – like when Kurt’s dad got sick.. sad. It also makes me roll my eyes sometimes too (Lea Michelle doing Babs again??)! But this season Rachel’s mom comes back, some of the kids graduate, there’s surly another prom – right.. it’s funny show – and I enjoy the music..

Since college I have watched General Hospital. This is also on my DVR list – I don’t watch it everyday – but I do tape it everyday. And since I have Friday’s off, I generally watch an episode from during the week and then watch Friday’s. It’s my time to breath – and I enjoy getting caught up in make believe drama on occasion.  (hubs – stop rolling your eyes!)

Also, any awards show is also on my list. I loved the Emmy’s. I thought Jane Lynch did a great job – not better than Jimmy Fallon did last year – but still a stand up job. STL Today ( reported that the reviews of this years Emmy’s were not good at all.. but did mention the “cutest” moment of the night – being when the funniest women on TV stood together on stage, like they were in a pageant, held hands and waited for Melissa McCarthy (GO SOOKIE – Man, I loved Gilmore Girls!) to be crowed as the newest lead actress in a comedy series. It was funny and perfect – it was by far my favorite moment. My other favorite moment was when Jane Lynch said, “ Some people wonder why I am a lesbian, ladies and gentlemen – the cast of “Entourage.” That made me laugh out loud. I also LOVE the Oscars and Tonys, I don’t get into the Golden Globes as much – but I think it’s because they have been so uncomfortable (albeit HILARIOUS) with Ricky Gervais hosting.. I am assuming he won’t be asked back this year. The Golden Globes is always entertaining because everyone is always a little drunk.

On Sunday’s Emmy awards the Canadian Tenors performed their version of Hallelujah. It was beautiful, and it make me have goose bumps..  I immediately looked them up on itunes, and bought their version – and actually am pondering the whole album. They truly are wonderful singers – if you haven’t checked them out –you should do so.

So it’s Thursday – man I have some reviews to do – woo!

How I Met Your Mother: He’s going to end up with Robin, right? No, not Ted… Barney – we see a little part of his wedding but the bride (of course) is not revealed. But if it wasn’t Robin, then why did the bride want to talk to Ted???  It wouldn’t make sense if it was anyone else. The dance that Barney and Robin did at Punchies wedding was adorable.  I do like Nora, but it’s got to be Robin. The second epy was fine – Marshall and his drunkenness was funny and I do like the introduction to the diner, I hope that stays – I reminded me a bit of Seinfeld.. anyway – I thought the season started out strong.

Two and a Half Men: liked liked liked. I love that Rose killed him. And I could have only loved Ashton’s character more if he would have cut his hair.. The character is adorable –  I wanted to hug him. I think it’s going to work!

2 Broke Girls – wow, I think it’s a winner.. So far it’s my second favorite new comedy of the year.

Castle –  Loved it. Win.

Glee – Glee was good. But not great. Sue Sylvester kind of irritates me – and I didn’t love any of the numbers – except the one Blaine did… it was all fine – I am still excited for the season.

New Girl – My FAVORITE of the season so far! Could this show be any cuter?  I DO NOT THINK SO. I am sad they have to recast Daman Wayans Jr – he’s awesome in the roll of, “Coach (but equally so on Happy Endings).”  I am excited for this show – and think that the character Jess should date – or hook up – with the roommate that also was heartbroken. There is something about him that I loved. I’m Jess!

I haven’t fully gotten to Wednesday nights shows.. so I will watch those and give an update on Wednesday and Thursday shows.

This weekend is the Plaza Art Fair! It’s my favorite weekend of fall. I love it sooo much. My goal this year is to not walk around, feeling like a giant loser bc I should be painting or taking pictures of something and selling it – I can do that. I could do that.. why don’t I do that… every year it’s the same thing – but somehow I still LOVE it. There is something about the food (and drink.. yay!) vendors  – the art, and ALL the freaking people – I just love this time of year, and this year it’s going to be beautiful out. The last picture is of the first Plaza Art Fair in 1932. You can click on any of the photos to see a larger version of them!


It didn’t take as long as I thought it was going to..





Scott Baio, Doogie and Direct TV – ooopah!

It’s fall!  If you need me during the week – I will be on my couch with soup or stew or something delicious, watching TV!  I thought I would share what I plan to watch – and demonstrate how full my DVR is going to get (Dear Hubs, we might think about purchasing another recording device (craigslist, maybe) – and putting it upstairs – I have a feeling you are going to be SUPER annoyed in about a weeks time.. you have been WARNED!).

Side note: Hubs gets real mad when he tries to watch something on the tube and can’t change the channel because Charles in Charge and Friends – the one with the leather pants – hahahaha.. is recording.. Oh sorry it’s not 1985 or 93 —oh uh, Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mama..  or any 2 things to where he can’t change the channel.. Sorry Love!

Ok – back to biness.. I welcome any suggestions as to what to…DVR – or comments about why my shows suck – feels like a good day to have a hefty discussion about something so important – so bring it. Hubs is not allowed to comment!

These are the major network shows – I also watch a laundry list of things on USA – such as Psych, Covert Affairs, White Collar, and Royal Pains

7pm – HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER – I love this show and am super excited that next week after the season premier there is another NEW episode
7pm – Gossip Girl – ashamed I am NOT.
7pm – Sing Off – Team Lachey all the way
7:30pm – 2 Broke Girls – I am going to try this show out – I like the actress that plays Max
8pm – Two and a Half Men starring Ashton Kutcher –I just love him – I want this to work – I guess we will have to wait and see.. but I will give it a fair chance for Duckie, the kid and Rose’s sake!
8:30pm- Open
9pm- Castle – is she dead? Will she find out he loves her?
9pm – The Playboy Club – I will watch 1 maybe 2 to see if it’s worth it!

7pm – New Girl
7:30pm – Man Up.. again – I am going to try it..
9:00pm – Gilmore…errr… Parenthood

7:30pm – Suburgatory – I love me some Jeremy Sisto – but, a comedy? We will see..
8pm – Harry’s Law
8:30pm – Cougar Town or Happy Endings – for some reason they can’t figure this out!
9:30pm – Free Agents

7pm – Wipeout or Big Bang Theory
7pm – Community
7:30pm – Up all night – I sooo want this shoe to be good! Or Parks and Recreation
How to Be a Gentlemen
Whitney – I am going to give her a chance
8pm – Office – who is going to be the new boss??
8:30pm – 30 Rock

Friday: Currently Open for suggestions
: The day of rest for the DVR

9pm – Pan Am
This night used to be full of HBO shows – but I am not a big fan of vampires or male prostitutes – and with Entourage bidding adieu – i might need to use this night to clean a toliet or move stuff around in the fridge.
Mad Men

Shows that I am not sure when they are on:
Apartment 23
Food Revolution
Friends with Benefits

Are you wondering how in the world I manage to eat or dress myself let alone the Captain.. honestly – I am too.. it’s going to be a busy fall! 1/2 the new shows will be cancelled by January so winter won’t be so busy. Money on the fact that I will really like whatever show is cancelled… I am still mourning Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

What are you watching? Am I forgetting about anything new?

Happy Tuesday!

I added a new page.. look up… to the right…. see it? It’s foodie stuff. I will post some recipes, and restaurant stuff and ideas on all things food..i hope you enjoy the new page. Oh, and feel free to follow the posts as well! Wanna share your favorites – comment on the post with a recipe or restaurant review!