Scott Baio, Doogie and Direct TV – ooopah!

It’s fall!  If you need me during the week – I will be on my couch with soup or stew or something delicious, watching TV!  I thought I would share what I plan to watch – and demonstrate how full my DVR is going to get (Dear Hubs, we might think about purchasing another recording device (craigslist, maybe) – and putting it upstairs – I have a feeling you are going to be SUPER annoyed in about a weeks time.. you have been WARNED!).

Side note: Hubs gets real mad when he tries to watch something on the tube and can’t change the channel because Charles in Charge and Friends – the one with the leather pants – hahahaha.. is recording.. Oh sorry it’s not 1985 or 93 —oh uh, Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mama..  or any 2 things to where he can’t change the channel.. Sorry Love!

Ok – back to biness.. I welcome any suggestions as to what to…DVR – or comments about why my shows suck – feels like a good day to have a hefty discussion about something so important – so bring it. Hubs is not allowed to comment!

These are the major network shows – I also watch a laundry list of things on USA – such as Psych, Covert Affairs, White Collar, and Royal Pains

7pm – HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER – I love this show and am super excited that next week after the season premier there is another NEW episode
7pm – Gossip Girl – ashamed I am NOT.
7pm – Sing Off – Team Lachey all the way
7:30pm – 2 Broke Girls – I am going to try this show out – I like the actress that plays Max
8pm – Two and a Half Men starring Ashton Kutcher –I just love him – I want this to work – I guess we will have to wait and see.. but I will give it a fair chance for Duckie, the kid and Rose’s sake!
8:30pm- Open
9pm- Castle – is she dead? Will she find out he loves her?
9pm – The Playboy Club – I will watch 1 maybe 2 to see if it’s worth it!

7pm – New Girl
7:30pm – Man Up.. again – I am going to try it..
9:00pm – Gilmore…errr… Parenthood

7:30pm – Suburgatory – I love me some Jeremy Sisto – but, a comedy? We will see..
8pm – Harry’s Law
8:30pm – Cougar Town or Happy Endings – for some reason they can’t figure this out!
9:30pm – Free Agents

7pm – Wipeout or Big Bang Theory
7pm – Community
7:30pm – Up all night – I sooo want this shoe to be good! Or Parks and Recreation
How to Be a Gentlemen
Whitney – I am going to give her a chance
8pm – Office – who is going to be the new boss??
8:30pm – 30 Rock

Friday: Currently Open for suggestions
: The day of rest for the DVR

9pm – Pan Am
This night used to be full of HBO shows – but I am not a big fan of vampires or male prostitutes – and with Entourage bidding adieu – i might need to use this night to clean a toliet or move stuff around in the fridge.
Mad Men

Shows that I am not sure when they are on:
Apartment 23
Food Revolution
Friends with Benefits

Are you wondering how in the world I manage to eat or dress myself let alone the Captain.. honestly – I am too.. it’s going to be a busy fall! 1/2 the new shows will be cancelled by January so winter won’t be so busy. Money on the fact that I will really like whatever show is cancelled… I am still mourning Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

What are you watching? Am I forgetting about anything new?


4 thoughts on “Scott Baio, Doogie and Direct TV – ooopah!

  1. i only watch reality tv mindy, so i can’t comment on your shows (but if you really really think one of them is awesome, i will watch). =) just kidding but i really do watch primarily sleazy reality tv,anything on bravo. i agree with you tho, no vampires for me.

  2. I agree with many of these shows. May I also suggest The Millionaire Matchmaker for ridiculous humor – Thursdays, Monday try Lizard Lick Towing on Tru TV. Operation repo i so so put to shame compared to the Lick! Also a lot of people love Pawn Stars, but I am ghetto and enjoy Hardcore Pawn much more…I mean a used sex swing? So funny. Check this out. Tuesdays. I heart Parenthood as much as tried not to. I loved Peter Krause on Six Feet under…BEST SHOW EVER…and had to watch it. I like Lauren Graham on there. So cute. Do you watch Dexter? Breaking Bad? Oh and although Gossip Girl has gone down hill I still tune in. I love some Blaire Waldorf! She says funny things! Friday-Sat my TV is resting as well. I am lame and DVR The Doctors and Dr. Oz daily. For an unemployed person – and not by choice, I’d say these are all still a step up from Days of Ours Lives!

  3. Oh and I forgot to mention, my ball & chain gets mad about the same thing…he will say “Why are we still recording BH 90210? You have seen every episode 100 times.” Yes. It is true. Such corny shiz but I love some cheese vomit from Dylan McKay, and Brandon when he says “this is so bogus”…just sayin’

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