An update to “The List” and some other random thoughts —

So a few weeks ago I made a list of things that I REALLY wanted to get done before the end of the year.. So I have decided that I need to revisit and update the list – so to hold myself more accountable. The list is below – and my progress would be a F if I was in school (thank goodness I am not!) … :

  • Bring my lunch to work and walk with the girls (stop eating out all the time!) – bringing my lunch is going a lot better then walking….
  • Sign up for a walk-a-thon of some sort – I have not done this yet.. but am still looking into it.
  • Use the entertainment coupon book, groupons and muncharoos – am doing very good at this – and am actually running out of groupons and muncharoos.
  • Sort out the details for Birds sprinkle (a baby shower – but small.. it’s for her 2nd child) – for another girl! Very excited about this – now just have to get it planned!
  • Be a smarter shopper – when shopping online – shop through shop at home or ebates, use coupons! – have yet to do this..
  • Purchase a few outfits for work that are, “for the position I want, not have” type outfits.. nope
  • Lose weight (I mean seriously – it’s ridiculous!) – 😦
  • Decorate: – nope
    entry from garage
    dining room
  • Hang photos and paintings in: some.. hung pics in the Captains bath and his room..
    Master bedroom/bath
    The Captain’s room
    Hall Bathroom
  • Dinner schedule (and stick to them for Pete’s sake!) – doing fairly well at this
  • Start Christmas shopping/crafting by October 1 – might still be able to get this done…

So I can’t mark anything off my list – but I am doing better at some of the items.. and that’s key – right? Pinterest helps me. I have some outfit ideas in my Things I want to wear folder, for home decor ideas I have For the Home and the Littles folders – and for Christmas shopping I have the Present Ideas folder – course most of the present ideas are ideas for me.. but the folder will continue to grow.


One thought on “An update to “The List” and some other random thoughts —

  1. You’re doing great Mindy! If i made a list of things i wanted to get done and had to then be accountable for whether or not i got them done, my list would look like yours too. =)

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