Crafty, Captain A and some Beastie Boys

She’s crafty – she’s gets around
She’s crafty – she’s always down
She’s crafty – she’s got a gripe
She’s crafty – and she’s just my type
She’s crafty

Thank you Beastie Boys, you have highlighted so many good memories of my past.. and when I say the words crafty – you are who I think of!
Yeah, I’m not that kind of crafy! But I’d like to think that when I’m not being totally lazy – that I’m pretty crafty (in the good non-slutty way). I know I harp on how wonderful Pinterest is – it’s just so great, and not a time killer AT ALL (cough cough..)– if you don’t have an account – get one and pin some stuff! Seriously! It’s so addicting. So here are some projects that I want to do for fall.

1. Decorate the front door – now through Thanksgiving. I want it to look like this:

This image was posted on the Simplified Bee – but is a Pottery Barn image. I don’t think I am going to have to go to Pottery Barn to buy everything here – and will instead hit up Home Depot/Lowes, Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Wal-Mart – I think I should be able to find most of the items to recreate this.. I might skip the fake birds.. they kind of freak me out.

2. Department of Missing Socks. I think this is such a cute idea! I have a little wall in my laundry room that would be perfect – and it wouldn’t take long at all to do! Seriously, what is more frustrating then lost socks! I can’t bring myself to throw them away – so they pile up on my dresser until hubs or I freak out about them. This would be a really cute way to display them – and might give us a fighting chance to matching some.

This image was found on Rambling as Usual‘s blog. I found Say it with styles ETSY store that sold signs similar to this for $17. You could also stencil the sign or make your own cutout. Young House Love is giving away a Silhouette CAMEO digital cutter – having one of these would make so many projects SO much easier. If you go to the Silhouette Pinterest page  they have incorporated 2 of my favorite things.. CHALKBOARD & SIGNS – yep! Chalkboard Vinyl Signs – for organizational cubes! I could die. Now I really want one of these!

The Captain gets tubes this Friday. Say a little prayer for him (and for me).. everyone says it’s worse for the parents then for the kiddo, but somehow, that doesn’t make me feel better. The fear of the unknown is really what gets me every time I think about it. I have every confidence in our doc – it’s just still a bit scary. Glad hubs will be with me to calm me down.
We went to cheer on the Missouri Tigers this week, unfortunatley they lost to Oklahoma State – but it was a fun beautiful fall day – and we had a lot of fun! Alex ended the day with no pants, only 1 sock and a random hat on his head.. sounds like a good day to me!

Intergalactic planetary
Planetary intergalactic
Another dimension do it



3 thoughts on “Crafty, Captain A and some Beastie Boys

  1. Girl~ Love this blog, keep it up, I will be following. Also, I know the tubes are hard, Carsen had them but its was an amazing change after she had them now she is talking up a storm. Sometimes, I want to say, where is that silent baby. Just kidding. Good luck with the tubes and just know after the first 24 hours, you should be way better and seeing improvement.

    • i am ready for him to start sleeping through the night – that is my hope for these tubes. He talks ok – I am not sure if it’s more or less than other kiddos..and no more ear infections with fevers.. that is what I hope!
      Glad you like the blog – thanks for reading.

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