My LOVE of paper

This post may be hard to relate to for some of you – sorry. I am, by trade and at heart, a designer. I long to make things pretty, rearrange advertisements so they will make sense to the masses, and feel like business documents do not have to look boring – but can be pleasant to read and esthetically pleasing to the eye, no matter the topic.

I love paper. I have reams of paper, samples of paper, small booklets of paper at work and at home. I love to use different papers, expensive papers – smooth and textured alike. I love paper. I have an appointment at 2:00 today with one of my favorite paper ladies – she has the coolest job – she co-shares a job with another amazing lady – and she sets people up with paper samples from Xpedx (one of my favorite resources for all things paper). Plus she gets to co-host amazing paper shows where manufactures will come and tell us about their paper and why it’s awesome, and then we get treats or coffee and loads of samples… I realize what I giant nerd I am.. really I do.

Do you know that movie American Pyscho? The only part of that terrible (I don’t like to be scared) movie that I remember is how he’s obsessed with having the best business card – the prettiest, best design, best thick expensive paper. Sadly, I understood his need and want for the best paper (not to mention best title). Now, I wouldn’t go all serial murdery on someone – but understood in some non-pyschotic way.

Annnyyywhhooo.. Paper. I have books written about paper – I mean, really? So I wanted to share a few of my favorite paper things with you. First, business cards, I fear business cards much like greeting cards and invitations are going away, slowly but surly. Business cards are such a personal representation of you – or at least they can be – I realize that your card might have been designed by some boring HR department (I have one of those too)– but if you have a side business, are a mom (or dad), you’re retired, you’re looking for a job, or mate – you should have a personal card that represents you. I have been doing some calling cards for moms with kids that have play dates – so cute. I have been seeing them all over – here are a couple of links:

Here’s a good little blog post about business cards also:

Calendars and Lists: there is nothing better then a paper calendar. For someone that is iphone calendar dependent (seriously, my life is in my iphone!) – I also very much depend on my MomAgenda (speaking of – I need a new one!). I love to write things down, and keep lists. I also lose lists quit a lot – but if I write it down I almost always can recreate it. I have found an awesome app for my mac and iphone (Apple! Hola!) it’s called Evernote. See when I switched from PC to Mac – the one thing I really missed was OneNote. I love ONENOTE! But with Evernote – I can make a list on my computer and it will update on my iphone.. this is amazing.

Paper Crafts: I love to make things out of paper – like wreaths and garland. I have visions of making paper garland for our tree this year – and maybe popcorn garland too.. Paper Source is a great place to go for crafty ideas like this. They always have paper flower or wreath kits, and they are super easy and super fun to do.

Here are a few of my favorite paper items:











oh, and here’s an AWESOME Business Card!


2 thoughts on “My LOVE of paper

  1. I also love paper. I looked at Mom calling cards on Etsy for hours the other day. I am actually sad I can’t frame my wedding invitations from my first wedding because I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. I routinely give the side-eye to people who send things on flimsy paper. If paperlust is a sickness, I have it too. 🙂

    • Katherine… let me make you Mom calling cards! I would love to do them.. I also have access to MANY MANY paper stocks you’d have LOTS to choose from.. there’s a new one I’m obsessed with by Neenah – called Stipple. I love it so much. Check out Neenah‘s new website too – it’s kind of fun – if you click on the personal proof button – you can upload artwork or a photo or a document and they will print it on whatever paper you choose. It’s so cool!

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