Because it’s stuck in my head..

Thanks to Modg over at Modg I have this stuck in my head – so I am sharing it.. Everyone needs a little Carnie and her sister this time of year!

the clip is actually called Carnie and Wendy Wilson – so I guess that’s the sisters name.. Wendy.


My trip around the World!

Nah, not really. More like the trip around WORLD MARKET!

I love World Market – many times I will got there when I need help with my creative juices, or on my lunch break if the morning has been particularly bad.. or sometimes to actually shop. I went the other day hoping to find a sale on some lamps – I didn’t – but I got my camera (iphone) out and took pictures of things I saw.. fun – uh! Yes’m!

I love all the pretty packaging that they have.. it really calms me – pretty packaging in general calms.. not so much World Market! They have lovely lamps; hanging ones and table top ones.. Do people still use those paper globes as decoration?? They seemed to have a lot of those! I found pretty purple hand towels, and chair I almost drolled on – a couch for the basement (where we truly need a couch) – and one of my favorite wines! Ray and I went to the Coppola winery in 2009 – and tried this flavor – Alcante Bouschet – you couldn’t buy it around here for a long time – but in the last year or so I have started seeing it. It has a beautiful bright fuchsia label – and it tastes AWESOME.

Then came the strange – like the Bacon flavored syrup – not like syrup you’d put on pancakes – but more like syrup used for coffee or italian sodas. ICK. One of the pictures is the little recipe book that came attached to the bottle.. (can anyone say – classy?). The last picture is a white white to go – it comes in a little bag that’s easy to pour out of – or sip out of.. I found this to be so funny! Like – I laughed out loud.

Clearly this shopping trip was kidless – I would not take the little monster to this store right now – not only would he scream his perfect little head off – but there are so many breakable items! I mean seriously – i shouldn’t spend too much time there – I fall A LOT!

Signing 0ff! I know it’s been FOREVER since I wrote – this time of year is so crazy busy. I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season.
All my love!