The Captain turns 2!

What a day, what a day.. my little peanut face turned 2 on Saturday. The day he came – oh my gosh, I have never been so full of love! I feel bad when I tell people the birthing story – because it was so easy and laid back – it was a long day – especially for hubs – who, bless him, is not the most patient of people – and was so excited!

So, I had gestational diabetes the first time around. They say it’s one of those things that some people get and some people don’t – but, I was taking Metformin for Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) when I got pregnant. One of the things Metformin is used for is to regulate blood sugar for diabetics. At 20 weeks I stopped taking the Metformin. At 25 weeks I was diagnosed. I have always thought that my gestational diabetes could have been because of all of that.. regardless – no matter how much it sucked to not be able to eat chocolate ice cream when I wanted, it was the best thing that could have happened to me. I was so strict with my diet – that I pretty much regulated my numbers without meds – and even lost weight pretty consistently until I gave birth at 39 weeks. Because of the GD they felt there was a chance he could be large – so they went ahead and scheduled me to be induced. He was born at 7 lbs 8 oz. I could have gone that extra week – but I am so glad I didn’t. He was killing me – baring down on my pelvic bone.. good gravy – I still remember that. We checked into the hospital at 8pm on Wednesday night – after checking me to see if I was dialated at all – they decided they didn’t need to give me the Cervatil (the spelling on that is probably wrong), kept me hooked up to the machines, and told us we could eat dinner. After dinner they gave me an Ambien (thank you!) and I went to sleep. At 5 they woke me up, asked me if I wanted to shower and started an IV. At around 6 they gave me Pitocin (to induce labor), and I went back to sleep. I seriously slept off and on all day – they would come in every hour to check me – and I think I had a small handful of contractions before they gave me the Epidural. And then I slept some more. At around 5 – the doctor finally made an appearance – said hi.. checked my chart, checked my progress and left. At 6 she came back. Checked everything again, and said it wouldn’t be long. At 6:30 she checked me again. She said she wanted me to push a little.. so I did. Then a little harder, and once more.. and there he is! I am not even kidding – he it was 3 pushes and 15 minutes! Do you see why I feel bad telling people that story!?? I can only hope the next one (god willing) will be as easy!

So the birthday.. Alex learned early in the week (because my birthday is on the 17th) that when you say Happy Birthday, or sing Happy Birthday – it means CAKE. So when we walked into his room on Saturday to wish him a happy birthday – he said, “CAKE!” My little man loves his sugar!

We had a small little get-together with our families, and just a few friends. Alex ran around and played with kids, and was not real interested in opening presents – he just wanted cake. He received some awesome presents from the way-to-generous friends and family that attended – and really had a nice time. I hope. Here’s a little collage of the big day. I made the decorations (although there’s really weren’t many) – not the candle (and if I could have figured that out – I probably would have attempted!). I really wanted to make the marshmallows for the S’mores thank you’s – but there was no time! Plus, I think I really need a big mixer – and I don’t have one.

My dad got the Captain a cowboy hat – that’s the hubs wearing it – he is so much more brooks brothers then he is cowboy – but I love how he not only lets – but encourages my dad to bring on the hats and boots. It’s another reason why I love him so much! The cookies were made by a friend (I have contact info if you want it – she’s amazing) and the cake is the chocolate cake from Costco ($16.99). I tried to stick to a budget – a small budget – I haven’t looked to see how I did – I am sure I was a little over.

I love birthday parties!


Ridiculous things that the Captain should own…

I meant to share this in the last post – but this is Alex’s birthday invite this year.. I was super excited about how it turned out.

I am a SUCKER for cute little man clothes – and I saw a post on Facebook by Janie and Jack with the cutest rain jacket.. and I think I died a little – or maybe peed a little – regardless.. eww. So in this spirit of ridiculous things Alex doesn’t need but NEEDS… here it is – with links and some pictures.. Enjoy!

  1. Yellow Rain Coat – Janie and Jack
  2. Fun Rain boots – Janie and Jack has some on their facebook page – but won’t be online for a week or so – but I saw really cute ones at Target that looked were super cute as well
  3. A golf cart for the kiddo – yep! I can’t stand how cute this is.. his dad wants one too – but MAN are they expensive for full size humans – but for bite sized humans they are.. yep still pretty expensive – but so cute! I think Alex needs one.. don’t you?
  4. The last thing on this list is not that ridiculous – but for some reason the hubs believes it is.. I would like to “upgrade” the music situation in the Captains room. At some point it is our responsibility to make sure that he does not grow up liking the Bebs and having no idea who the Beatles and (well lets face it) the Barenaked Ladies are. There are lots of important bands and signing people that I want Alex to appreciate – and he’s 2 – we can retire the lullabyes. Not to mention – I am super sick of that music! So I would like to get him something like this or this.

Thoughts? Are their ridiculous things you want for your kids.. maybe I need to know about them and add to my list…


Happy 2012!

It’s been a crazy few weeks – I haven’t written in soo long! But I have a lot of stuff in the works – so I hope to be able to share some fun projects coming up – but until then – here’s some super fun photos of my kiddo.

It’s my goal to make one of these for him each year. I started this year – but luckily have not drank enough in the past year to forget all his 1 year old favorites! He is growing into such a little man with a mind of his own. Oh my goodness. He picks up his little bowl of good toddler food – and says… um, no mommy, and then hands it to me (or spills it all over the floor). Generally I resort to giving him yogurt or mandarin oranges and calling it a day. If he eats both of those things – then I feel like it was a success.

We took Alex on his second airplane trip this past weekend. His first came when he was only 3 months old – and so he slept the whole time.. this one – was so much better.. he was AWESOME! Watched his movie – drank his milk – and colored on himself.. it was so much better then the drama filled few hours I imagined. This flight came 1 week before we say adios to 1 and HELLO to 2. This makes me very sad. Something about him getting older, and not being a baby anymore makes me a blubbering mess.. I just can’t even believe it. He learned new words this weekend from his cousin Matthew — he picks up a bagel and says bagel. I couldn’t believe it! The Captain loved the aquarium. Ran around entertaining the other guests by yelling, “WASSS THAT, WASS THAT?” and the the ever favorite – “MOOOOONNNNNKKKKEEEY” – oh my goodness, it was so loud. Hubs and I really loved the dolphins and beluga whales – the Captain didn’t seem to care about them. We watched our other nephew play hockey this weekend as well – it was so cool, I really like hockey – I remember really liking Blades games as a youngster.. It was doubly cool because Andrew rocks on the ice – it was amazing to see.

This mama loves Chicago. I love the downtown – the hustle and the bustle – the restaurants, museums and the shopping. I love Buck Town and the cute little shops. I LOVE LAND OF NOD. Why don’t we have one in KC?  Oh I love it. Ray and I went a few years ago (6 years ago..) just the two of us, before we were married – we stayed at the Hyatt, and walked and shopped and tucked into little bars for libations – it was lovely. I could use a little getaway like that with the hubs every once in awhile. He’s my favorite person to travel with – he takes good care of me, and listens to what I want to do – he also enjoys and appreciates good food – knows that it doesn’t have to be expensive – and loves going places where the atmosphere is good.. this is why we get along so well – we are very similar in this regard. Not to mention – he can smell out good Irish Pubs in just about any city.

On the eve of me turning 33, I am truthfully not excited about it but I’m not sure why exactly.

I know I am disappointed in how long its taking us to get pregnant again, it took us so long with Captain A.. when Aunt Flo comes every month – I cry for a whole day. It’s excruciating. I tell myself every month to stop putting so much pressure on myself, and to enjoy the “trying” part more – not make it a job. It’s hard though, I blame the fact that I am overweight – or don’t eat enough flax seed… or whatever. But I know that it’s just not time yet and that God has a plan – it’s just so hard to wait sometimes.

Normally my birthday is my favorite day of the year – seriously – I love my birthday. Growing up birthdays were magical days of favorite breakfasts (B&G), special lunches, yummy dinners, presents (that generally I asked for and received) and cake. It was a whole day of surprises and Mindy. My mom sent me a card everyday for a week leading up to my 20th birthday in college. It was awesome. She did it right every year – from Strawberry Shortcake doll cake to special Spaghetti dinners – it was always a great time. Even on my 17th birthday, she was having to say goodbye to her mother – someone who she still misses everyday – she still made sure I felt loved and special on my day.

I hope Alex feels that way about his mom. I hope I do it right. Maybe I am not excited about my day because I am super excited about Alex’s. Is there not room for both?

happy almost birthday to me..