Happy 2012!

It’s been a crazy few weeks – I haven’t written in soo long! But I have a lot of stuff in the works – so I hope to be able to share some fun projects coming up – but until then – here’s some super fun photos of my kiddo.

It’s my goal to make one of these for him each year. I started this year – but luckily have not drank enough in the past year to forget all his 1 year old favorites! He is growing into such a little man with a mind of his own. Oh my goodness. He picks up his little bowl of good toddler food – and says… um, no mommy, and then hands it to me (or spills it all over the floor). Generally I resort to giving him yogurt or mandarin oranges and calling it a day. If he eats both of those things – then I feel like it was a success.

We took Alex on his second airplane trip this past weekend. His first came when he was only 3 months old – and so he slept the whole time.. this one – was so much better.. he was AWESOME! Watched his movie – drank his milk – and colored on himself.. it was so much better then the drama filled few hours I imagined. This flight came 1 week before we say adios to 1 and HELLO to 2. This makes me very sad. Something about him getting older, and not being a baby anymore makes me a blubbering mess.. I just can’t even believe it. He learned new words this weekend from his cousin Matthew — he picks up a bagel and says bagel. I couldn’t believe it! The Captain loved the aquarium. Ran around entertaining the other guests by yelling, “WASSS THAT, WASS THAT?” and the the ever favorite – “MOOOOONNNNNKKKKEEEY” – oh my goodness, it was so loud. Hubs and I really loved the dolphins and beluga whales – the Captain didn’t seem to care about them. We watched our other nephew play hockey this weekend as well – it was so cool, I really like hockey – I remember really liking Blades games as a youngster.. It was doubly cool because Andrew rocks on the ice – it was amazing to see.

This mama loves Chicago. I love the downtown – the hustle and the bustle – the restaurants, museums and the shopping. I love Buck Town and the cute little shops. I LOVE LAND OF NOD. Why don’t we have one in KC?  Oh I love it. Ray and I went a few years ago (6 years ago..) just the two of us, before we were married – we stayed at the Hyatt, and walked and shopped and tucked into little bars for libations – it was lovely. I could use a little getaway like that with the hubs every once in awhile. He’s my favorite person to travel with – he takes good care of me, and listens to what I want to do – he also enjoys and appreciates good food – knows that it doesn’t have to be expensive – and loves going places where the atmosphere is good.. this is why we get along so well – we are very similar in this regard. Not to mention – he can smell out good Irish Pubs in just about any city.

On the eve of me turning 33, I am truthfully not excited about it but I’m not sure why exactly.

I know I am disappointed in how long its taking us to get pregnant again, it took us so long with Captain A.. when Aunt Flo comes every month – I cry for a whole day. It’s excruciating. I tell myself every month to stop putting so much pressure on myself, and to enjoy the “trying” part more – not make it a job. It’s hard though, I blame the fact that I am overweight – or don’t eat enough flax seed… or whatever. But I know that it’s just not time yet and that God has a plan – it’s just so hard to wait sometimes.

Normally my birthday is my favorite day of the year – seriously – I love my birthday. Growing up birthdays were magical days of favorite breakfasts (B&G), special lunches, yummy dinners, presents (that generally I asked for and received) and cake. It was a whole day of surprises and Mindy. My mom sent me a card everyday for a week leading up to my 20th birthday in college. It was awesome. She did it right every year – from Strawberry Shortcake doll cake to special Spaghetti dinners – it was always a great time. Even on my 17th birthday, she was having to say goodbye to her mother – someone who she still misses everyday – she still made sure I felt loved and special on my day.

I hope Alex feels that way about his mom. I hope I do it right. Maybe I am not excited about my day because I am super excited about Alex’s. Is there not room for both?

happy almost birthday to me..



10 thoughts on “Happy 2012!

  1. Mindy~ I remember your daddy always sent you flowers on your birthday at school. I always that was so cool. Along with that, keep your head up about getting prego…Thinking about you sister.

    Hey did you do that yearly thing from pinterest, I found something similar and thought I would do one for Carsen too. Let me know.

    • Hi Jocelyn! Thanks for reading.. yes my dad always sent us 1 long stem red rose, on Valentines Day .. it was very special. It’s something that I think about every year – how cool I thought that was.. If we have a girl – I will suggest to Ray that he do that every year.

      Most days my head is up.. it’s just so frustrating! I hate to wait..
      As for the pictures – I actually made them myself – and have them printed. If you are interested, I can do them for you – I will need a high resolution photo and then for you to tell me her loves.. They are 10″x10″ printed and mounted – and because of how they are mounted, they are ready to hang on the wall no frame needed… they turn out very cute!

      • OMG I love that idea of the pics. Let me know how much. Do you put them all on the walls or in a book or what?

      • Here are details on the prints:
        Prints are mounted on a thick black lightweight backing that gives a contemporary, finished look to unframed images.
        Holes are included on the back of the mounts for easy hanging. Available on select print sizes in ¾” and 1½” thicknesses.
        My standard size is a 10″x10″ and prices starts at $40.00 for a with the 3/4″ mount. I can make these smaller or larger, and can adjust the price accordingly. Just like most of my custom design work – my prices are customized for each project.

        I can take cash, check or Paypal..

        Let me know if you are interested.

  2. Mindy – saw the cute picture of your boy on Pinterest. I made one for my little boy too! (so cute one of his loves is Monkey and blanket too, we can’t go anywhere with out it!) My problem is finding a place to print that won’t crop it! Every place wants to crop and I loose part of the picture or words! Do you have any hints for me?? – my email is kolbyandjamie@gmail.com

  3. mindy do you have a website for your work? I would be interested in what else you can do. YOu are so freaking fancy I can’t stand it. Do you do all of this on your MAC?

    • haha. you are so freaking fancy – that is hilarious.. I WISH! Currently you can go to: http://mindyclarke.carbonmade.com/ to see a online portfolio, and I am starting to put stuff up in my etsy store at: etsy.com/mindyclarke – I can also send you my email that I send to prospective clients with pricing and samples. I am consistently working on an actual website – one day I hope to have it up!

      I do use a Mac. I love my Mac. I love designing and making things pretty and marketing them to hopefully make a living. It hasn’t worked out that way yet – but I have high hopes! 🙂

      Thanks for the interest – let me know if you have any questions.

  4. ok totally putting your etsy store as one of my faves, send me whatever you have at joclew@yahoo.com. Until then I am going peruse adn see what I can find on etsy and on your website. I LOVE IT. You are my new inspiration. Now I have to take a MAC Class I don’t use it like I am supposed to I am sure.

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