Ridiculous things that the Captain should own…

I meant to share this in the last post – but this is Alex’s birthday invite this year.. I was super excited about how it turned out.

I am a SUCKER for cute little man clothes – and I saw a post on Facebook by Janie and Jack with the cutest rain jacket.. and I think I died a little – or maybe peed a little – regardless.. eww. So in this spirit of ridiculous things Alex doesn’t need but NEEDS… here it is – with links and some pictures.. Enjoy!

  1. Yellow Rain Coat – Janie and Jack
  2. Fun Rain boots – Janie and Jack has some on their facebook page – but won’t be online for a week or so – but I saw really cute ones at Target that looked were super cute as well
  3. A golf cart for the kiddo – yep! I can’t stand how cute this is.. his dad wants one too – but MAN are they expensive for full size humans – but for bite sized humans they are.. yep still pretty expensive – but so cute! I think Alex needs one.. don’t you?
  4. The last thing on this list is not that ridiculous – but for some reason the hubs believes it is.. I would like to “upgrade” the music situation in the Captains room. At some point it is our responsibility to make sure that he does not grow up liking the Bebs and having no idea who the Beatles and (well lets face it) the Barenaked Ladies are. There are lots of important bands and signing people that I want Alex to appreciate – and he’s 2 – we can retire the lullabyes. Not to mention – I am super sick of that music! So I would like to get him something like this or this.

Thoughts? Are their ridiculous things you want for your kids.. maybe I need to know about them and add to my list…



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