…And….I’m Back!


I will admit, it’s been awhile. For the two of you sitting on the edge of your seat waiting and wondering what happened to me..I am truly sorry! My life has been complete madness for months – and then, for mothers day, I was given a NOOK – and I have been reading my buns off! So, I truly apologize. Doesn’t it suck when life gets in the way of all the things you’d rather be doing!

Since it’s the end of the TV watching season – I thought I would update you on the shows that I loved, hated, came and went and everything in between this season. You might remember the list I gave you of all my favorites from this post. Here is the list again, with some comments and additions. Again – comments and ridicule and everything in between are welcomed. Bring it!

7pm – HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER – It makes me SO sad every year when this show ends.. Thoughts on the finale you ask?? Ted won’t end up with Victoria (love her BTW), Barney and Robin – Yay! And really Wait for it for a middle name.. that’s dumb.
7pm – Gossip Girl – I am still very much not ashamed by this – I love this show! My favorite is when Blair is being Blair – and not weak and whiney and calls Chuck, Bass.. Love it!
7:30pm – 2 Broke Girls – I like it – Hubs hates it..
8pm – Two and a Half Men – Didn’t love it. The more pathetic Alan gets – the more I kind of hate this show. I loved Ashton Kutchers Waldon ..
9pm- Castle – Love. Love so hard! Love!

7pm – Glee! A Gleek, I AM!
7pm – New Girl – Love!
9:00pm – Gilmore…errr… Parenthood – What happened to this show? Did it get cancelled?? I’m confused!!

7pm: Modern Family – I love the Wednesday time slot here. It was a great season!
7:30pm – Cougar Town or Happy Endings – depending on the time of year, I guess..
8:30 – Don’t Trust the B

7pm – Big Bang Theory
These shows all change their times so much..
Office, 30Rock, Parks and Recreation
9pm- SCANDAL! If you are not watching this show – you need to RUN to your DVR and set it to record. It’s great!

Friday: 9pm – Fairly Legal
: The day of rest for the DVR

Mad Men
I was watching GCB – but apparently it’s been canceled – which is upsetting – I thought it was a really cute show!

So that’s all I’ve got for now.. however, I promise to be back soon.. SOON. I promise!

xoxo (just like Gossip Girl does it!)


2 thoughts on “…And….I’m Back!

  1. it’s good to have you back Mindy jo! just one question, where is your reality TV? do you not watch the kardashians or real housewives???? =)

    • Nope, I really don’t. I will say that if I am folding laundry on a Sunday afternoon or napping .. and the Kardashians are on.. I will watch a marathon.. but no – I haven’t watched Real Housewives since the first season! I will say, I enjoy Amazing Race some – but don’t watch it religiously – or more than 2 epys a season!

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