The things one does when they are forced to get up at 3:40am

Yes.. 3:40am. I feel like I might be drunk.. but that’s impossible – considering I haven’t a drop of alcohol in 2 days!

The Captain has been peeing out of his diaper – and in the days where he can’t get his pants off – he lays in bed, soaking wet, and cries until I get up and get him. This am I tried putting him in our bed after changing his clothes and diaper – but it didn’t work – he couldn’t settle down. So we went to the living room, turned on Megamind, got a snack and mama went to asleep on the couch… for 5 minutes…. so here I am .. 10am – shocked it’s not 4pm – and I’m exhausted and out of Chocolate Syrup – for my chocolate milky loving son.
Have you ever wondered if you can make your own Hersey’s syrup? Well you can!

I found a blog called, One Good Thing by Jillie, and she had an awesome recipe – so here I am in my kitchen, waiting for the syrup to set up… I will give my review later today or in the am.. let’s hope it doesn’t come at 4am!

Cheers! Hope your having a wonderful Saturday!


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