Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list?
There’s a movie:

There’s a website called Bucketlist

The urban dictionary defines it as a list of things to do before you die. Comes from the term “kicked the bucket”.

So what’s my bucket list? What are the things I want to do before I die.. it’s interesting to think about – most of the lists are 100 things or more.. but really, I don’t know if I have that many – here’s my list or the start of my list…

  1. Be completely debt free
  2. Go to Fiji
  3. Go to Europe
  4. Swim in the South Pacific
  5. Go back to Napa and spend more than 1 day
  6. Sit and enjoy Alex, watch him learn and grow – cherish these days
  7. See a major sporting event, ie Olympics, World Cup, NCAA Championship .. something
  8. See baseball games with Ray & Alex in historic stadiums – Fenway, Wrigley
  9. Make this blog somewhat of a success
  10. Own a business
  11. Be proud of my career and make Ray & Alex proud
  12. Be the best mom to Alex (and if God decides to bring another sweet baby into our lives)
  13. Be content with what I have.. know that God has a plan – no matter how hard that is to believe sometimes – it’s the truth.

So 12 things don’t seem like that much. There are little dreams or wishes that I have for my life and for Alex’s life – but I get hung up on stuff that doesn’t matter, stuff that takes time and energy away from those important things.

I also have a RIGHT NOW list..

  1. Make an extra $250/week with freelance jobs (or find a full time gig that pays more and gives benefits)
  2. Organize and decorate Alex’s room and our master room
  3. Take Alex on some summertime adventures – the lake, camping, etc.
  4. Get into shape

These things don’t seem hard either – but when you get down to it – it all revolves around being motivated. I am motivated right now to get into shape – for a number of reasons, that when I think about makes me cry – but motivated none the less.. I am motivated to figure out a way to make more money for my family, we’re fine – but I feel like we could be better – and I feel like my hubs works his butt off – and I could sure lose some of my butt – and work a little harder as well!

I am fearful that Alex will struggle with proper eating and finances like I have my whole life – I don’t want that for him. I want to teach him and somehow make him see the importance of doing things different then how I did them. I am lucky to have married a man that has an unbelievable work ethic.. I hope Alex learns that from him! For sure there are things that I hope Alex gets from me.. I’m not a total mess – but it’s easier to see the positive things in Ray and those I hope Alex gets from him.

All for now.. I will be updating on how the freelance stuff is going.. below are some newer items I have recently designed. Please be sure to recommend me if you know anyone needing baby announcements, wedding stationary, birthday party invites, menus, business cards or logo design!



5 thoughts on “Bucket List

    • They are two of my favorites that I have done lately!! Thanks for your nice comment – you are too sweet! I have loved doing stuff for you and reconnecting! So fun!

      • Girl we will be doing a lot more with you in the future. I am thinking HOliday cards, so get ready for that!

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