Girly stuff..

So this weekend while the hubs has been working out of town, I have spent some time watching girly movies, and doing girly things that I wouldn’t normally do when he’s around. So last night I was over the moon happy when I found The Holiday on the tube! Do you know the movie?? It’s the one with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet with Jack Black and Jude Law. I love this flick — it so cute and moves rather quickly — and I love all the actors.. it’s just good.

Tonight! Alex and I started the night off watching Beauty and the Beast – although he tired of it fairly quickly – I loved it. Then after he went to bed I watched You’ve Got Mail 1.5 times – it started again, but I turned to It’s Complicated – and am now watching that.

So, You’ve Got Mail.. I love this movie. By far one of my favorites, I love Kathleen Kelly’s style, and the language in the movie. However, it’s one of those movies that I wish was like 15 minutes longer. You know she had to have so many questions — I don’t doubt they lived happily ever after – as Meg Ryan and Tom Hank’s character always do – and should always.. I don’t know – I’ve watched this movie a thousand times.. but I am always left with wanting more.

Know what I mean?



5 thoughts on “Girly stuff..

  1. I love You’ve Got Mail!! I still dream of owning a children’s bookstore and I love her clothes and spunk in the movie! I think I watched it that night!

    • I have watched it so much lately. They have been playing it on Bravo! I love it when they are writing back and forth!
      A bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils and a butterfly riding the subway, getting off to buy a hat at Bloomingdales… Love!

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