BRGR – Power & Light



The hubs and I had the distinct pleasure of attending one of the trial runs at the new BRGR in the Power & Light District. Located in the old Fran’s diner location – across from Drunken Fish, this new BRGR is absolutely beautiful — not to mention DELICIOUS!

4 of us dined.

We choose to order 2 appetizers to share:
Chile Fondue and the Fried Deviled Eggs (lets just say.. er. mah. gerd!).
The Chile Fondue is served with warm salty chips and the best soft pretzels this side of a Wetzels… and the cheese was good – I expected more of a spice or maybe a richer flavor – but all in all I’d order it again.
The Fried Deviled Eggs.. let me just say again – OMG! They were delicious! Coated in prosciutto and sausage with a spicy mustardy pickely filling.. they were awesome.. oh and the dipping sauce, I think it was a stone ground mustard, was great as well.
What we didn’t try, and wished we had: Pig Wings, Grilled Gulf Oysters (we will go back in a month with an R to try those).

For dinner we choose 4 entrees and shared:
Lobster Mac & Cheese, KC Butcher burger, Build you own Mac & Cheese & House Sausage Plate + a Combo of Tater tots, Gram & Dun Onion Straws & Sweet Pot Fries

The Combo – all delicious! Tater tots were even good the next day!
Lobster Mac & Cheese – was not my favorite – however it was well received with everyone else at the table. The lobster seemed over cooked to me, and there wasn’t enough cheese. However the medium hard cooked egg that it’s served with was a nice touch – because it gave some moisture where it needed it. This dish was missing something for me – but I really hope they work with it and improve it.. It has great potential!
KC Butcher Burger – This burger has everything! A perfectly cooked patty, hanger steak (cooked medium), horseradish cream cheese, caramelized onions, onion ring all served on sourdough bread.. it was so good! I loved everything about it. This was by far my favorite thing we ordered!
Build your own Mac & Cheese – I wasn’t excited about this dish – but it was terrific. We started with all the cheeses that were offered and bread crumbs, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, garlic and onions. It was super delicious. Anyone that can make a good mac & cheese is a friend of mine!
House Sausage Plate – Wow this dish is impressive. It’s served on a long cutting board full of all types of sausages, some bread and condiments. Again with that stone ground mustard — so good! The sausages were cooked perfectly and everything just sort of danced in your mouth.

Things we will try next: The Big Hoss burger, Roadside sliders, New Orleans-Style BBQ Shrimp and maybe.. the Standard Frank – I bet it’s soo good.

We opted out of dessert for this trip – because after 4th of July and a long week off from work – I would have had to be rolled out of there.

I love reviewing restaurants – if you have any that’d you’d like me to try – let me know!

Hopefully exciting things on horizon to report soon! Keep in touch.