so this is me. i’m mindy. i grew up 20 miles south of kansas city.. so i say, i am from kansas city – although i really should say i am from olathe.. or o-town. i love my family. i love my friends. i love dogs and some cats. not birds. i have a sense of humor that can be off sometimes – but i know this about myself – so it works for me, most of the time. i get nervous around people i want to like me.

i want to be a blogger so it’s taking me so long to set this up in fear i will be:
a: ignored
b: rejected

i design pretty things, and plan to make a page of pretty things that i have designed on this blog. but you might have to give me some time.. also i will link to my pinterest account so everyone can see what i am currently obsessed with. i love etsy. i love funny cracked out signs and i love to laugh at the strange wal-mart people and fail blog.

here are some pictures.

hubs and me

captain a (after eating choc cake on his 1st bday)

hubs, taco and mcq


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