I’m back.. and committed..

 or should be committed.. either way – here I am.

Many times throughout the last few months I have thought – I need to just write about that – and get it off my chest – or tell that funny story. But I haven’t. This is like therapy for me and I have been ignoring it and you. I can talk and share and put it out there – and if no one reads it – it’s ok… but it’s not all bottled up inside me anymore!

So here I am. I have changed the name of my blog. I have updated the look. I have a new commitment to blog weekly and share more of me… in hopes to have people share with me. I may not always be what you want, or who you think I am .. but I promise, I will always just be me – a little silly and slightly clever!

So the biggest thing – is that I had another baby! Thomas Raymond Clarke was born at 5:45pm on March 13th — at eek! 4lbs 15 oz! He was 3 weeks early!! He’s a perfect little tot, and we couldn’t be happier. He’s a good baby too, sleeps ok – eats good.. No complaints from this mama.

That, and I went back to work full-time. I love my company and the people that I work with are super supportive and nurturing. But man, mom guilt is hell! Not being there 100% of the time for the Captain, sucks! It sucks. It’s hard and I am constantly second guessing everything… and I am just waiting to get there with TR as well! Currently TR goes to an amazing lady, who’s an amazing mom (she has amazing kiddos) – I couldn’t be happier – and I don’t get sad when I drip him off.. I know he’s in good hands. But the Captain needs more. He needs attention and love and I feel like although for the first 4 years he got most of mine – he doesn’t get as much now, and that breaks my heart – just a bit.

In my last post – waaaaay back in September, I was excited about quitting my full-time job for a part-time and being able to stay home more with Alex – I don’t think I had even announced my pregnancy yet! I wrote this sometime soon after – The amazing opportunity I had to work part time fizzled faster then it came. It honestly, broke my heart. The excitement over this job was through the moon – I believed in it, and I trusted it and I was more than disappointed by it in the end. I have been dwelling, a little depressed – but it’s time to be over it – it’s time to move on. – I don’t know that I actually really got over it. Thankfully I did move on.

Thomas! Image by Julie Newell Photography, Chicago, IL

Thomas! Image by Julie Newell Photography, Chicago, IL


Image by Julie Newell Photography, Chicago, IL

I had these amazing photos of TR done by a friend from Junior High/High School – the wonderful Julie (Anderson) Newell – her studio is in Chicago – but she happened to be in the Kansas City area – and we were able to set something up for a quick shoot. She is a beautiful lady – who has a wonderful talent! I was so happy to get to work with her! And look how gorg these photos are! Are you serious! If you are in the Chicago area – check her out! http://julienewellphotography.com/

That’s all the nuggets I have time for today! Looking forward to the future!



I love talking about restaurants.

Seriously, it’s my favorite subject.

  1. I love to eat
  2. I love to drink
  3. I love to be social
  4. and most importantly, I love to be in the “know”

My favorite restaurants in KC:

  1. Blue Bird Bistro
  2. Waldo Pizza
  3. Margarita’s
  4. Garrozo’s
  5. Carmen’s
  6. Californo’s
  7. Oklahoma Joes
  8. Osteria Il Centro
  9. J.Gilberts

My favorite coffee shops in KC (I LOVE COFFEE): 

  1. Mildred’s Coffee House
  2. The Roasterie Cafe (B-Side is the best)
  3. Coffee Girls in Waldo
  4. Broadway Cafe

My favorite downtown/midtown lunch spots (oh, how I miss these):

  1. Westport Flea Market
  2. Lulu’s Noodles
  3. Anthony’s
  4. Margarita’s
  5. Room 39
  6. Saigon 39 (I might miss you the most)

Places I’d most like to go:

  1. Bluestem
  2. The American Restaurant (can you believe I’ve never been??)
  3. Nara
  4. Anton’s
  5. Piropo’s
  6. Aixois
  7. Captial Grill (yep..it’s a chain)
  8. EBT (I hear there’s a good happy hour)
  9. Justus Drugstore

I would love to start a restaurant blog, I’d call it. EAT! or  Go Forth and EAT! or A girl, A boy & A cow (walk into a restaurant..).. I don’t know what I’d call it – but it’s fun to think about. We just don’t go out as much anymore, and I’d want to s. But there are some really great ones that I read, religiously. Here are my top reads:

  1. Eat it KC is the newest that I have found. I really love her pics of meals, and restaurants – and the blog is beautifully designed.
  2. I have been reading, Making of a Foodie, for a few years. She’s lovely and explores her pallet and gives her suggestions on where to eat.
  3. I still “follow”, KC Napkins, however he hasn’t updated it since early last year – so I am thinking after a few years of him writing, he’s done. But it’s still a good resource for reviews on restaurants – old and new.
  4. The Kansas City Star started a new blog called, Chow Town, it’s a blog by a newspaper – but still an interesting read.
  5. Missy Roe’s, The Perfect Bite: KC, is also a great read. She travels and blogs about great restaurants she eats at when she’s not in KC. But for the most part she tries an eclectic array of restaurants around town – and talks about them like she’s talking to her best friends. It’s very easy to read, and I find that I agree with a lot of her reviews.

Are there restaurants that you love, that you want to try? Know any food blogs that we JUST have to check out? Let us know!