Gettin’ it done

Sometimes I write when I am happy or sad or feeling creative. When I don’t write, it’s because I have a lot on my plate or am not sure how to put into words what I need to say.

I started a new job. I really like it. It’s giving me the opportunity to be creative and analytical all at once. I believe it’s what I have been looking for, and for that, I am thankful.  I have been unhappy for so long in my career choices, and disappointed in myself for decisions I made when I was too young to make life decisions. .. Coming to terms with that and figuring out a path was a chore all in itself.. But I do believe I found something that will help move me along what until now has been a very stagnant path.  Regret is a funny thing. It’s not something you want to have, I can regret leaving Russell Stovers, but ultimately I formed relationships and had experiences that I wouldn’t have if I would have stayed. When it comes down to it. What makes life good, are the relationships and experiences whether good or bad. I have a good life, one filled with lots of relationships and LOTS of experiences, and that’s really all I can ask for. I also have one heck of a husband and kiddo.. Seriously, if I would have changed one thing from the time I left high school, I may not have met the hubs — just goes to show that everything happens for a reason.

At the beginning of the year – I made a list for myself. A list of Mindy wants, of Mindy needs… not a list to share or to talk about – but a list for me to keep track of my dreams and my desires. I wanted to read more (done.. I have now read more “books” (on my nook) than I have in years past..), I have wanted to make an effort to be more frugal (not done, but still working), I wanted to go back to work full-time (done.. And although I like what I am doing now, I miss my Fridays. Fridays were MY day, now I don’t have that time.. So there’s a struggle in how to have some time for me, and time to clean and cook and all that jazz).  I still very much want to be pregnant again, I took a break for a few months to get myself back in a happy, positive mode, so moving forward I wouldn’t be a crazy nut bag while trying.. I think it worked – I mean sure, there’s a level of crazy.. But that’s only normal!

Have you guys read a blog called, Hey Amber Rae? She’s awesome and her site is a really good read. I subscribe to her feeds, and generally speaking find them inspiring and uplifting.. and extremely thought provoking. My favorite are her Ambergrams… check her out..

We’ve had some fun adventures this summer.. here are some pics!



Wardrobe help! Bloggy friends, Models and Mannequins.

I am in desperate need of some wardrobe help. I have been in an awful rut for months – and when I manage to find time to go shopping (DREAD!), I either can’t find something – or the stuff that I do find is outrageously priced. I decided at some point that I am in need of a style… my own – non plain Gap T-shirt – style. A look that helps define me, that showcases bits of my personality all the while complimenting my life style. WHAA?? WTH am I talking about – I can’t find a GD pair of jeans that fit me well, let alone accent my inner self. WHATEVS..

So I started a Pinterest board of Things I want to wear – I have listed casual outfits, mainly jeans with sweaters and scarves – and Toms.. apparently I really want a pair of Toms! Tall brown boots also seem to be a favorite, work outifts and accessories.

These are my 2 favorite casual outfits:

Comparing these 2 looks- it appears, I am most comfortable in jeans, t-shirts with cardigans, and large purses. I agree.. now – the thing both images have in common that I love is the use of jewelery and flats.. neither of which I own many of.. I also LOVE the gray sweater in image 1.

Work Attire: The dress code at work is business.. not business casual – although there are enough cotton pants, and questionable looking shoes (flip-flops, tennis shoes) to make one wonder.. but it is most definitely business dress code.  I have also pinned a few outfits – and found this on Pinterest – but it introduced me to this great website called Polyvore – I actually haven’t really figured it out yet, but people put outfits out there – and then it tells you where to buy each piece.. this was on Polyvore – and I think it’s a great idea. Looks like there are 3 pairs of pants for 5 days and 7 shirts/tanks or sweaters – obviously there are pieces that have been reused.

Amanda, over at MODG Blog, has been trying on post-prego jeans. I have been so interested in her posts (she takes pictures of herself standing on the toliet.. makes me laugh everytime!) – however, she is skinny and petite. I am neither.. I mean, I’m not a gargantuan or anything – but I am overweight (working on it) – and normal; not too tall, not too short, size 7.5 shoe.. maybe – just right.. well I would be if I wasn’t overweight. Not to throw myself a pitty party or anything.. geeze – Debby Downer? Man! Okay, back on track. Hayley over at Tiny Twig goes out on a Limb has put together a little bloginare on the “No-Brainer wardrobe” – she has such cute style – but again, tiny and cute.. So I really do need to find that perfect balance of drawing inspiration from everything around, and trying to become that person or model or mannequin. Anyway, she had us pin stuff onto our pinterest and then share the link – that got me looking at other peoples pins, and found some interesting things.

I did a search for “work clothes” today on Pinterest, and wouldn’t you know – found this awesome page:

Off topic: Do you remember that movie?? Kim Catrall and Andrew McCarthy at their finest!

Where do you draw inspiration from? What’s your favorite article of clothing?
By far the best dressing up outfit I ever had was a wonderful pair of clown dungarees, which my Granny made.”  – Kate Middleton


I updated my resume and samples blog!

Hooray – it’s finally happened, I have been threatening that I was going to get samples of my work on-line – but hadn’t done it yet. So if you would like to peruse you may do so at
All work is custom – I work very closely with my clients in order to come up with distinct designs just for them!

New OBsession!

Meet Pinterest!

It’s this magical little world where, while surfing the net, you can pin pretty pictures or recipes, or things you want on your body or in your belly into idea boards. It’s great. I have 9 boards (mindyclarke – FIND ME) – most things are pinned into boards very organized and methodical (hubs would not believe this) – and for the first time I went back and referenced 2 recipes this last weekend – and for some reason it made Pinterest that much better for me.. it gave it purpose.

Captain A’s 2nd birthday is in 6 months – so I will probably start a board to pull ideas together for that, so around the first of January I will be prepared. I also thought I should put together a my favorite things and a what I want for Christmas board – then I can direct the hubs to the board and it takes some guessing out of present(s) buying.

I follow about 15 people, some celebs (Demi Moore), some blogging celebs (Sherry from Young House Love), and friends alike. It’s interesting to see what people pin – the people in my life are such inspirations, and this is one more thing that proves that every day.

My favorites are signs. Typography is a passion – and there is nothing better than finding signs that are witty with good typography – it makes me feel all bubbly inside. My favorite today was one with Neil Patrick Harris (of course) on it – it says, “When I am sad, I stop being sad and start being AWESOME. true story.” In true form.. this made me laugh hysterically! I love How I Met Your Mother.

I still need a sign off.